chilli schnaps

habanero, from yucatan (mexico). very fruity and aromatic chilli. the colour of its lantern shaped fruit changes from greenish to orange during maturation. the fruits are generally eaten uncooked to preserve the aromatic

heat scale: 10

capsaicin is the magic ingredient, that is more or less existent in every chilli variety. For example, in bell peppers, which have been bred to become big it is almost non-existent. peperoncini are long, slim and medium hot. they are very popular in the mediterranean.
chillies come in all shapes and degrees of hotness. mostly they are rather small, some have a pointy tip, some have a more round shape. they are the hottest of the pepper family. the dried and ground spice which is made out of them often is called ‘cayenne’, not to be confused with the cayenne variety. habaneros are considered one of the hottest chillies.

the spicy heat of chilli peppers is measured in the Scoville scale. the number of scoville heat units (shu) indicates the amount of capsaicin present.


  • bell pepper: 0–500
  • peperoncini: 500–1500
  • medium hot chillies: 1500–30 000
  • cayenne spice: 30 000–50 000
  • thai-chilli: 50 000–100 000
  • habaneros: 100 000–350 000
  • pure capsaicin: 16 000 000






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